Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is this the America you want?

When I work the fed takes close to 20% of my money before I ever see it. Then Oregon state takes another 13%. Then when I shop Washington state takes another 8%. They tax my phone. they tax even more when I buy gas, or soda, or beer. Then there are property taxes, vehicular taxes, registration fees and licensing fees.

When I talk, shop, email, go to the bank and so on it seems the Government always wants to know. There are signs posted in my bank to inform me of the government meddling. have you seen them to? When I leave my home I am seen on cameras owned by the state that are about every 30 to 50 feet up on poles along the roads. I do not understand why they need to spy on me and the official reasoning seems insignificant compared to the toll it takes on our society. I am just a family man with no criminal past. I love god, my wife, children and mom and dad. Growing up in America I learned in school that we had rights and we are free. Was this all a lie? I never would have thought this could happen here.

The American dream is dead to me. I want to own a home but, I do not feel it is worth the high cost of debt.

I mourn the fate that is in store for our land if we do not regain control of our freedom and liberty.

Ask yourself why it is that common folk like me no longer feel in control of our country, money, career, etc. The opportunities promised in the past no longer come to fruition. I feel as though in the last 10 years I have been stripped of my freedom and liberty. No longer can I fully support myself without "help" from the government. I used to make a good living. My earnings were well above the poverty level. but for the last decade there has been long periods without health care that have caused my credit to be ruined. As well as repeated layoffs and smaller then expected wages for the work. I have had to change my career path so many times it makes it difficult to specialize in anything. But I have never been fired. I have only encountered no fault lay offs.

One asshat even laid me off on my birthday because he did not make his million dollars that month! This is the same guy that would pay the workers no more than $10.00/hr with no chance of an increase ever. He promised us bonuses at Christmas but when the time came we got baseball caps embroidered with the company logo. What did the boss get? He and his wife got matching H2 Hummers.

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